Thank you to my many clients who have allowed me to work with and for them and for allowing me to insert their testimonials on this page.
My many thanks, also, for the continuing referrals you have sent my way that have enabled me to continue in the profession I so love.

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Sallyanne truly takes the time to listen and address YOUR preferences when it comes to Real Estate and everything else in her life.

Maureen Moore


Sallyanne has been an absolutely fantastic agent. She has worked with me for years in my quest to own my first home. She is practical and detailed oriented. I was astonished by the compassion she has for her work and desire to make sure her client gets the best circumstances possible. When things looked bleak, she reassured me. When things looked too good to be true, she cautioned me. In the end, I ended hope with the house of my dreams and an agent that I am proud to call my friend. Thanks Sallyanne!

Cliff Dudley


Sallyanne is a great teacher and co-worker. Was and still is aways there for me when I have a question. I can not imagine where I would be today without all the help that Sallyanne gave me as I started my career

Andrew Botcherby


Hi Sallyanne,
First of all, I want to say thank you once again for all your help with our home purchase; I realize that is your job and you get compensated for it, but you really made it is easy on us.  It was not as hard as I thought it would be from so far away.  I sincerely appreciate everything you did to help us get this home.  I love to make Ruth happy, and I can tell she really loves this home and I know we are both going to thoroughly enjoy it.

- Dave

I just wanted to say thank you so much for all you have done for Bill and I in finding the home we love. From the initial home we looked at, you seemed to know exactly what we were looking for. Although the first house didn?t make the cut, the home you did find is perfect and we love it. What was amazing is it was only the 2nd home we looked at, you took our specifications and general design and married it to our personalities and you found exactly what we wanted.

That was just the beginning of all the wonderful things you did, the constant communication between the bank, the lender and yourself during the trying time of finding out about the title issues I?m sure was aggravating for you but because of all you did, you kept us in the loop and always kept us hopeful it would work out, and it did. We couldn?t be more pleased with the house you helped us turn into a home. We have and will continue to, refer every one we know that is looking for a home to call you. You were amazing!!!! We not only consider you to be our realtor, but our friend.

- Dianne & Bill

I appreciate all your help and your dedication to finding people houses, whether they plan to rent or buy! You are great at what you do and  have been very kind and helpful in this process not once, but twice. Just doesn't seem to be much available right now that suits our wants/needs and price range. Although I am anxious to get into a house right away--we don't want to jump into a year lease for a house we will be unhappy with...although it is temporary... a year or two can be a long time in an undesired location. We are going to wait it out a bit longer for on-post housing. If that doesn't work or if by slim chance we choose to proceed with the buying route you will most definitely be the one to get our business!! Thank you again so very much!

- Tara Strohman

Sallyanne is an integer, hard working, customer oriented broker looking out for the best interest of her clients

- Hans Roseille

It has been my pleasure to be associtated with Sallyanne for a number of years. As Director of Client Services, I have referred many clients to Sallyanne and all have been treated with the utmost respect and professionalism. She is dedicated and extremely hard working, while always keeping the needs of her clients first and foremost. Sallyanne is what every Realtor should be.

- Kent Martin

Always the consumate professional Sallyanne does an outstanding job for her Colorado Springs customers.

- Donna Brazil, Woodland Park

Sallyanne is a great teacher and co-worker. Was and still is aways there for me when I have a question. I can not imagine where I would be today without all the help that Sallyanne gave me as I started my career.

- Andrew Botcherby

I would like to express my sincere thanks to you for genuinely taking care of me, but most importantly my family. I appreciate your assistance and persistence in finding me a property. I really look forward to continue to keep contact with you. Again Thanks.

- Julio

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving! I just made my first house payment today! So exciting. Tracy and I almost have the house put together and hope to have you over soon. I wanted to refer a young gentleman for your services. There is no one else I trust to take care of him. Thanks so much and hope to see you soon.

- Mark

I'm going to check with my Real Estate Agent about apartments. Her name is SallyAnne and she is fantastic. She hooked me up with a perfect house for my family and me. I completely trust her.

Hello Sallyanne,
Kyle and I just wanted to give you a big huge thanks for all of your help and support in finding a home. We absolutly love our home. Hopefully in 5 or 6 years when we start having kiddo's, we will be able to utalize your skills once again in finding a home with a yard and such. Anyhow, we do love our house. It's just perfect for us. Please try and come by to see our new quarters... we finally have the home all put together and decorated.

Thanks again,
- Kyle and Latisha

It has been my pleasure to be associtated with Sallyanne for a number of years. As Director of Client Services, I have referred many clients to Sallyanne and all have been treated with the utmost respect and professionalism. She is dedicated and extremely hard working, while always keeping the needs of her clients first and foremost. Sallyanne is what every Realtor should be."

- Kent Martin - 03/13/2009

Yes, I am definately less stressed now that we have a home. Now comes the stress of the actual move. :) Thank you for all of your help and when we finally get to the point of buying a house we will be sure to give you a call. Maybe it won't be too long in the future.

- Melissa Boisvert -03/09/2009

Our application went through and I mailed a certified check overnight to the owner of the property per ....... instruction so I guess that secures our rental until we arrive. Thank you so much for meeting with us and showing us properties. We greatly appreciate your time and effort in finding a rental on such short notice. When we have a couple months left on my lease I will phone you and begin the search for a property to buy. Also, I will highly recommend you to anyone that inquires about an agent moving to or leaving the area. Thank you once again and have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays.

- Craig and Emily

Hello Sallyanne,
How are you. Sorry I haven't got to communicate with you sooner . We are still busy unpacking and getting organized. We want to thank you so much for everything you done. We love the house!!! Hope all is well with you. And hope you get a well deserved vacation. You take care of yourself.

Talk to you soon,
- Gloria

Dear Sallyanne,
Thank you for the charming welcome sign. We love it! It has been such a joy working with you. I would love to just go to lunch someday. Of course, with our schedules... who know if we'll ever actually get to it? Even so, maybe we can work it out - it would be fun! You are a blessing!

- Leslie

Thanks so much for everything. You opened your home, you provided me with food and a bed to rest. You reminded me of what the true gifts of life really are. Thanks for everything! Until next time, thanks so much!

- Helen

Hi Sallyanne,
My search is over. I've got a place through a person who wasn't using a rental company. It's a decent place located near Powers and Barnes. I just wanted to take the time to say 'thank you' for all the effort and your compassion for me and my family in this matter. You are GREATLY appreciated. I will send anyone I know that is interested in a home, to you! I hope to be able to send you referrals frequently! It may have seemed only a small thing to you, to try help me the way you did. However, you have touched my life with your caringness and I am truly pleased to have met you. Thank you!

- Dudley

Hi Sallyanne,
We spoke earlier about my client who is moving to Colorado Springs. She is (name withheld for privacy reasons). I also will send you her email address separately. I think you will be a good match.

Thank you,
- Ruth Sabo -licensed salesperson, TechValley Homes Real Estate, New york .....

Sounds like you are off to a great start. I am confident they are in good hands, and I appreciate your email. I did a lot of searching and I am confident I found the right person. Believe it or not, I might have another party moving there--will know in a month!


Well done - you closed - my referral clients were impressed at the hard work and dedication - thanks so much

- Ruth 07/09/2008

Hi SallyAnne,
Thank you so much for finding us the perfect home. We are still in the process of making improvements. I would love for you to come and see it when its all put together. I hope business is going well for you. Take care and God Bless.

Sincerely Yours,
- Dawn and John Priebe

Thank you for your help! We can't wait to return to a normal lifestyle after the Florida Hurricaines! You have worked harder for us than any Realtor - even the ones that we could have bought a house from when we were in the market. You will definitely be our first choice when we are ready to buy!! -

- Ken and Kathy

Dear Sallyanne,
We just wanted to thank you for all of your help in finding us a rental home, this is definitely an answer to our prayers!!We appreciate all the time and effort that you put into helping find us find a home. You are an angel in disguise! We will definitely be using you as our agent when it comes time to purchase a home, and we will put the word out about the great work that you do. We will stay in touch with you. Thanks again, and God Bless You.

- Janet Norwood

To those who are looking for an excellent Real Estate Agent in Colorado Springs, our family would like to recommend Sallyanne Holmes to you. After signing with Sallyanne, our house was under contract within one week! Furthermore, she showed so much care and patience with us during our house hunting, helping us to find the perfect house to fit our needs. Besides for being a great Real Estate Agent, Sallyanne is a wonderful, thoughtful and caring person who truly looked out for our best interests during the entire process, and treated us like if we were part of her family. We really enjoyed working with Sallyanne! We had never met a Real Estate Agent with her qualifications, her honesty and her great attittude.

- Todd and Gabriela Pitts


Si usted y su familia estan buscando un agente de Bienes y Raices en Colorado Springs para comprar o vender su casa, mi familia y yo deseamos recomendarle a la Sra. Sallyanne Holmes. Sallyanne consiguio comprador para nuestra casa a la semana de haber firmado contrato con ella como nuestra agente de Bienes y Raices! Mas aun, ella se mostro muy amable y sumamente paciente con nosotros al buscar una nueva casa para habitar. Ella nos guio de la mano hasta que encontramos la casa perfecta de acuerdo a nuestro gusto y situacion financiera. Ademas de ser una excelente Agente de Bienes y Raices, Sallyanne es una persona maravillosa, muy sincera y de toda nuestra confianza. Ella vio por nuestros intereses durante todo el proceso de compra-venta y nos trato como parte de la familia. Disfrutamos mucho el haber tratado con ella y la recomendamos ampliamente.

- Todd y Gabriela Pitts

Thank you for your help Sallyanne, we look forward to working with you when it comes to that time! :)

- Denise

Thanks for everything, enjoyed working with you and we love our new home -

- Ken and Tarra

Good job! Had so much fun looking for my home and lots of laughs, but we eventually got it!! -

- Brian

Thank you for your help in finding a rental for us. When we are ready to buy we will be calling you!! -

- Jen and Todd

Thanks Sally for your help. You sold my town home and helped me buy a single family home, which has paid dividends - found the right house with equity!! -

- Di

Wow, and I thought I would never own my own home - you showed me how and proved me wrong. Thanks!

- Erik

At long last we found it!! You allowed me to do a lot of research without pressuring me, guided me on my search, did a market analysis so I didn't over pay, never said no to looking at the many homes that I found and finally we are settled - Thanks once again!

- Kris and Tom

Well, we eventually found one. Thanks for your continuous diligent searches, your advise, your service and patience. Now that I have made it MY home I am really enjoying it.

- Todd

Just a note to express our gratitude for all that you have done for us in securing our home, we are really thankful for the extra steps you went through on our behalf. Liz really loves her new home and is excited with all the possibilities that comes to mind. Again THANK YOU for all you have done!!!!! -

- Bob and Liz

Sallyanne, I know this thanks is a little delayed but better late then never, I say. Thank you, thank you, thank you. The house is great, we are really enjoying living in a larger place. Still settling in slowly but surely but it is coming along. Thanks for all that you did to keep us on track. We can't show our appreciation enough. Again thank you.

- Valerie, Aaron and Children

You did it again! Sold our home in 90 days for a good return on our investment - THANKS. Now on to the next one -

- Tarra and Ken

Boy oh Boy, I was determined to leave no stone unturned, and you came along for the ride. How many did we see? But finally, we found it. Thank you for your help, patience and diligence. I am really going to enjoy NOT paying rent at long last.

- Rashad

Sallyanne Holmes
Sallyanne Holmes
No Obligation-Just Education